Environment interpretation/ image and typography

Seeing the opposite feelings I get 
with the places I photographed.
Size; 10 x 10 cm.
Made with photography + photoshop

1 text: Roxanne  sell your body for money
you don't care if it's wrong or if it's right
   material: wood, paper, fine liner, wire
                     and plastic
2 text: KA - BAM
   material: shredded wood and acrylic
+ all kinds of material.

1 text: hide cry fight blood..
   material:  wood and acrylic
2 text: shht ...
   material: cardboard uplift and acrylic

1 text: The world is a blank canvas
   material: wood, fabric and acrylic
2 text: unreadable personal text

   material: square cardboard uplift

1 text: how do you create your way?
   material: various fabrics
2 text: free me from this colour sucking darkness
I can't I'm tired why to much to far to late
   material: glue and acrylic

1 text: quotes about light and dark
   material: wood and acrylic
2 text: equal or not?
   material: acrylic

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