Facade typography

A font made for the project; Facade.Project facade is about people who put up a strong impersonation(facade), so others won't notice their weakness. I used rubber bands through the whole project. I see rubber bands as a strong material, but when you stretch it to much it'll break, just like the people who put up a facade, when that facade is used to much the person eventually will break.

To improve my taste palette

To improve my taste palette!
This is about the moment I'm in with my life. I want to get a 'taste' of as many things I could in the art and graphic world. It started as a joke at first, during my internships in 2012 I ate food that I normaly didn't like and thought was disgusting (I was to shy to say that I didn't like it), guess what, I actually really liked the food that I thought of being disgusting. Now as well as food as the artistic industy I want to 'taste' a lot!

Proof book

I've had three internships within a year and for that I made a book.
This book proves the things I've learned and my growth.
My idea behind this can be seen as that I've tasted from three completely different
workspaces, but also that I actually have learned to eat and refined my taste.

Scent, painfully intens.

A light project
Concept; the intense scents I experience in my daily life.
Most of the time painful, some seductive. 
The design it self is based on the nose.

Graphic cow

Thin, graphic.

Another series of thin figures, made with 3 different kinds of graphic styles.





Cropping away feelings, 
only to discover that no feelings at all is worse"
size: 80x20 CM