Proof book

I've had three internships within a year and for that I made a book.
This book proves the things I've learned and my growth.
My idea behind this can be seen as that I've tasted from three completely different
workspaces, but also that I actually have learned to eat and refined my taste.

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Scent, painfully intens.

A light project
Concept; the intense scents I experience in my daily life.
Most of the time painful, some seductive. 
The design it self is based on the nose.

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Graphic cow

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Thin, graphic.

Another series of thin figures, made with 3 different kinds of graphic styles.




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Cropping away feelings, 
only to discover that no feelings at all is worse"
size: 80x20 CM

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Electric wallapple

inspired by "Electric Wallflower" by "David Batchelor"
material: cardboard, fabric, wire, car lights and contact boxes

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the tetrahedron

expositie in Futureland
Tower model for Futureland (Maasvlakte 2)
Made by:  Kim Weijmans and Roos van Keulen

Material: used offset plates, black tape and glue pistol

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Project Hofnar, bringing euphoria in the neighborhood

notice me
making something familiar but unnoticeable, speakable.

Photoshopped photo's

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